He lost interest, what to do?

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    Phylicia Allen

    Hi there! So there’s this guy who I’ve known since college. We weren’t all that close then, but now he’s moved from his hometown to my city, and we’ve become acquainted with each other. When we first met up, I was just getting out of a relationship and so was he, so we weren’t looking for relationships at the time. As we were getting acquainted, I started to like him. He seemed to do things that hinted at him being interested(asking how my day was, teasing me, etc), but I didn’t catch on until later. Somewhere along the line he stopped doing these things. My guess is it may have been because I was afraid of expressing my like for him and never have. I’m also terrible at flirting back. He’s still a gentleman towards me and we’re still acquainted, but he speaks like he’s not interested in me anymore. It seems like I’ve been friendzoned. I made the mistake of telling a guy I liked him before, and that didn’t pan out well. I really like this guy, and I don’t want to tell him I like him and the same thing happens…plus this guy believes in being the pursuer (he told me this once). Did I mess up and if so, how do I get him to get back interested/pursuing me?

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