He called me telling me he misses me then 2days later he blocked me

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    I’ve been seeing this guy for 5mnths now and all was good.Last week Monday around 10 I texted him to say I missed him and hope he enjoyed his long weekend.As soon as he received the msg he texted back he misses me and wants to be with me.He called immediately after his text and sounded happy to hear my voice, he promised he would send me a pic of his new look on Friday as soon as his phone is fixed.But from Tuesday he started ignoring my texts,I tried calling him back cause ppl had been saying they ddnt receive my texts but he never answered or got back to me. I ddnt try calling again but I noticed on Saturday he had blocked me on whatsapp. I can’t figure out what happened


    Hi E.N.,

    He may have told you that he missed you simply because you had told him that you missed him. In other words, he may have said it because he felt obligated to do so.

    He may have now blocked you on Whatsapp and ignored your calls and texts because something has given him cause to second guess his relationship with you.

    In essence, an ex may have come back into his life or he may be rethinking his relationship with you.

    So, he is going to need this time to figure himself out.

    Give it a week before trying to reach out to him again.

    If hasn’t contacted you by then or unblocked you from whatsapp, he may have decided to either give an ex another shot at a relationship or just wants out of his current relationship with you due to possibly feeling unfulfilled.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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