He broke up with me out of nowhere and said he wasn’t attracted to me

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    Hi i’m A junior in high school and my (now ex) boyfriend just broke up with me about 3 days ago. We are on winter break and we were texting and he was acting weird, for example I was out of town and I said “I wish you were here:(“ and he responded by saying “oh yeah me too I haven’t been to that town in a while” so I asked “are you okay?” And he said “I’m sorry honestly I feel that I haven’t been a good boyfriend and I know it’s my fault that this relationship hasn’t been working, I think we should just be friends. I’m so sorry I hate to do it over text and like this but we’re both far away. I want you to know that you’re an awesome girl and you deserve so much better, I sincerely hope this doesn’t affect our friendship”. I started crying immediately and I felt so hurt and confused. After He sent that I asked him if he broke up with me just because he felt that he was a bad boyfriend (which he wasn’t) or if he just didn’t feel the way he did about me anymore, and he said both. He later said that he just isn’t attracted to me anymore. We ended the conversation by planning to meet face to face (which we still haven’t done :/). So I was/am still really hurt over this because I was about to tell him I love him for the first time. I don’t really understand what happened because 3 weeks ago we were making Christmas cookies and he said he thinks our relationship could be “permanent”! I hadn’t seen him about 2 weeks before the break up because school got out and we both went out of town. I don’t understand what happened because I thought we were fine! I don’t really get it 🙁 if anyone has any insight please help me figure this out??

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