He both hit it off and was very smitten instantly dated and hung out then dumped

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    We met online and hit it off instantly. Both were very attracted. Kissing was passionate . He use to stare at me constantly. We met up and I stayed over at his on 2 occasions. The second time I stayed all weekend and was ok. But I thought to give him personal quiet time do not in his face, we had different opinions to some things bought up. But nothing major.
    Before all this he was calling me baby. He is the one that came forward with the names . Both couldn’t keep our hands off always hugging and kissing! He even bought me a concert ticket to go interstate in a few months time ..

    After the weekend hit he woke up and said was a wake up call after the weekend and all we seemed to do was argue and he can’t do it.. we didn’t argue. It was more sulky and difference opinion on a couple things. Which i didn’t think was an issue. Everyone may have a different outlook on something in life ??
    All this we had our online on and We both talked about taking it off but said yes and not using it anyway. ( he updated his profile only after we broke)
    It was a short time knowing him but it was a deep connection and I am lost and upset as we really felt attracted. He even said I really like you Etc. The feeling felt it was getting deeper at a short time ya knowing one another. This is why I am unsure how it went over night that he feels it’s not right! I understand how guys can change but he was the one calling me sweet names. We spoke openly and he said I give him butterflies and how we are like little kids in a candy store that’s how we were right away… I have asked after we broke if he doesn’t mind still Helping me on something he was going to do and ask for my info for this particular thing but I haven’t sent it. I have stood back and not rushed it sending it. I sent a message last week apologising not getting back to him busy with other things and will get back to him soon. He wrote all good! But still not go around to him.
    I am trying to forget him but I can’t and my head is going round and round if I approach him to talk about it or leave it? The feelings we had was very deep .. does this sound it’s over completely or do I approach ? What do you suggest? Help please 😩😢

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