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    Hi Luke,

    I was speaking to this guy I met at the gym a few months ago recently, we were texting back and forth pretty regularly and then one day he doesn’t respond back for 5 days.

    I assumed he was trying to tell me he’s not interested and didn’t want to force anything so when he did finally respond, I ignored his messages.

    He did apologise but it was a lame excuse and he texted back really late which made me think he only replied out of boredom. Now it’s been over a week since I didnt reply and I notice he’s blocked me on the messaging app.

    I can’t help but feel bad (in case he did have something important/serious going on at the time) but another part of me would have felt foolish for just carrying on – like I would be disrespecting myself.

    Do you think he hates me now? I’m also scared it will be extremely awkward when I bump into him in person next time also…


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