He block me in all social media apps also whatsApp after I got him cheated on me

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    Hii, I feel little bit confused
    I was in relationship with someone. he always keep on saying that he loves me, he want to marry me etc. He was prove that he serious with me with the way he talk to my parents that he want to marry me, I was little bit trust him. As long I have relationship with him, I never trust him 100%, in my mind always keep thinking that he is cheater.

    One day, which is friday night, i was call him arround 12am, but he dont even answer, my feeling was complicated and I decide to go to his appartment, without he know that I will come.

    When I reached his place, holy crap, I found another girl inside with him, they do sex aswell. But Im not see the girl, because the girl hiding inside the toilet, I just see the bra and panty that girl in the sofa. How broke my heart at that time, I feel so down, angry and sad. I talk with him to get over our relationship.

    He keep on saying, we will talk about it later and I say no more later, all what I see its enough explaination and answer. And also he say that If I want to come to his appartment, call him first, dont do like this suddenly came, and I said no more next day or later.
    He keep on saying that Im in emotional, he want me to go home, and call him when I feel relax.

    We was in a big argue inside until he tell me that ” you’re not yet my wife, go home or I will call the police “, he treated me, but Im not affraid.
    he tell me okkay block me now anywhere, now you see me who I am right.
    I was ask him, why you do this to me?
    I ask him, just on wednesday you tell me you really really want to be with me in serious relationship, and this night I found you with someone else, why? But he can not even answer, he just tell I will not answer now

    I left him, I go home
    In the morning when I woke up, I saw that he block me in whatsApp, facebook, instagram but not in snapchat.
    Well, I just removed him as my friend in snapchat and also I just delete all his contact number.

    My question is, did he will regret what he did to me? And why he is the one who block me? Supposed to be Im the one who block him.

    Needing advise, to make my eyes open


    I’m sorry but I find this way too funny.


    Do you want him back? Were you also cheating on him ?


    I’m sorry, I’m being insensitive. I hope you find peace.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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