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    I’ve been dating this guy for almost 3 months. He was really interested, texting me everyday and planning dates once or twice a week either in town for drinks or weekends at his place or mine. He told me several times he liked me a lot and that he was about to fall in love. I was a bit more guarded than him. We didn’t label the relationship as wanted to take it slow but agreed we were exclusive one month in. We both went back to our families over Christmas for 2,5 weeks. The first week he was still texting everyday and then from the 26th Dec no texts… I sent him a text on the 28th to ask how he was and he replied straight away. I told him to enjoy his holidays but to not be a stranger and he said he would do. Then no more news until New Year’s eve. He calls me at midnight and when I ask why he’s been distant lately he says he’s just been busy with family but thinks what we have is amazing. Again he goes MIA for 3 days. We are back home and still no news so I texted him yesterday to ask if there was a pb and if we could talk about it and he replied like nothing happened, saying his best friend from back home was staying at his for a few days, that he’s sorry he was not in contact and that we should catch up soon but not really making plans with a date or anything… Am I right to be concerned he is not into me anymore?

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