Guy called me disgusting behind my back? No certain reason?

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    Okay so I was told the other day that a guy I’ve thought of as a decent guy who is in one of my classes (but never got the guts to talk to him) said to his friends the other day that I was “disgusting” now I wouldn’t call myself that, I think I’m an okay person and since weve never really spoke there isn’t anything I can think of to trigger him to call me something like that.

    The conversation about me was initially triggered because one of my guy friends walked me home after a late night party due to it being early morning and being no more taxis and some of them started to assume that something was going on between us which then triggered the comment.

    One of my friends decided to confront this guy the next day at college when he was alone because it was rude of him to act that way, and the guy replied with “I called her disgusting because she is” and “(friend) should have carried on dating (ex girl) because atleast she was decent looking” and then he walked away.

    I was quite shocked to hear about this situation as I just can’t think of any reason to trigger this reaction? Any ideas? Or Could he just be very mean in general? Thanks


    * I can add a couple of other details to the story, I kinda forgot to put them on my original post:

    When the conversation about me was first brought up, from when I was walked home, one of the guys piped up firstly saying “who wants to see the girl ___ is seeing” which then prompted the “she’s disgusting” comment.

    Secondly, when confronted at work, before further insulting me, they guy first confirmed saying “are you asking what I said about _____’s girlfriend?” (I am not dating anyone, but he’s referring to my friend)

    I wanna help

    If he was laughing a lot whilst saying it he is not worth it but if he wasn’t laughing that much and his eyes began to drift and not look directly at the person he was talking to it means he was lying to send his friends of his trail as he may not want them to know how he feels about you. BUT BE CAREFUL HE MAY NOT BE TRUSTWORTHY! So u may need to get closer to him like friends?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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