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    As title implies, girls ignore me harshly even when i talk to them, they seem so uninterested and aloof no matter what i say, what should i do?

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    Laugh at them briefly in a very dismissive way. If you are there with people you can tell them that she has an attitude and ask them not to look at her ( they will lol ).

    If you have to keep interacting with her never talk to her directly. If she says something you can respond by talking to someone else in the group about what she’s talking about taking the attention away from her.

    If she ignores you by looking in another direction you can look at what she’s looking at and do the ” not bad” Obama face in the picture and nod before leaving.

    Just have fun with it, other girls will respond well to you when you’re having fun. If you let it get you down that will affect future interactions with girls who aren’t as shitty.

    Assess who you’re dealing with … Don’t do this to those who are open to having a genuine interaction with you. That would just be shitty of you.

    not bad

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    There’s a song named ‘Cheap and cheerful’ by ‘ The Kills’ where the singer ( a woman ) says the following.

    “It’s alright to be mean

    I want you to be crazy
    Cause you’re boring baby when you’re straight

    I want you to be crazy
    Cause you’re stupid baby when you’re sane”

    Think about that for a minute…. Perhaps even listen to it when needed to pump you up 😉

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