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    so theres this girl i met on a App and started snapchating casually the first day we snapped a few times an showed interest she said she would snap me when she got out of work that day an didnt i didnt hit her up because of pride but like two days later i did and we snaped but things got sexual like super sexual lol and basically went on for a few days and i was really into her an vice versa “apparently” we were planning on chilling soon.. we talked one morning had a crazy convo in a good way an she said she would hit me up later that day but didnt an i never text her first cause it was my game or watever but i did cause i was like fuck i just want to she hit me back in the morning with a dry “hey” and had the audacity to send me a link to one of my friends music of course she had no idea this was my homie and i told her wtf thats my friend lol she said she liked him i said nice aka fuck u bitch she proceeded to say dhe liked him but was talking to me an said she felt she should stop talking to me.. i said do it then she said okay.. i was fuckin hurt bro but felt disrespected that she said that about another dude to me like who the fuck do u think i am i started questioning if she was tryna make me jealous or was really just not into me like i thought i never asked my friend about what their relationship was cause thats Lame as hell and i never even met her! lmao so i played it cool refused to hit her up an days pass the she hits me out the blue i responded hours later dry as hell cause i was pissed and i kinda dont even know if i want her cause she seems like such a hoe to me now but she responded immediately and i waited an responded later then she literally waited like 9 hours to open my response and said nothing shes on my mind heavy and im convinced i dont want to date her but sexually shes like perfect for me my pride wont let me chase her but i wanna confront her about that BS she pulled with my homie saying she didnt wana talk no more idk what to do bruh this a long story i dont wanna tell no one i know cause i feel lame as hell for this shit… the main thing i wanna know is was she making me jealous or is she just using me as a second option it just dont make sense for her to tell me that and break my heart for like day instead of just stop talking to me idk but its fucking working but she will never know everrr i know better someone give me feedback i poured my heart out on this bitch this is retarded i know man

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