Should I ask the girl at work to hang out or not?

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    Nicholas Panagiotopoulos

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    Hey Luke, I had a speak to that girl today at work and we talked about work and other stuff non work related, it was all going alright until she starred at me for about 5 seconds straight and I looked back at her and she looked away instantly, I’m not sure if this means that she s trying to get looks at me without me catching her, she had about 10 looks over at me in about an hour which obviously means something, it’s just I don’t know what that Some thing is, she also keeps touching me heaps, she touches my forearm and my bicep, she dosent take it straight off either, she waits a few seconds then slides her hand down my arm and keeps talking to me, I’m not that sure if I should just ask to hang out or not, she also gave me her number aswell, not sure if it coz of work coz she said “just call me if anything goes wrong”, I don’t know if she s trying to cover it up and trying to get my number or she s being for real

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    Hi Nicholas,

    Your entire confusion would be solved by simply asking her out.

    You have now broken the ice with her to some degree by engaging in conversation with her. She also gave you her number which at least lets you know that she doesn’t dislike you.

    If you keep trying to examine every stare and touch from her as something that may or may not be indicating romantic interest, you could keep yourself from asking her out and thereby possibly lose any chance you may or may not have with her.

    Put the internal monologue to rest by asking her out and see how it goes.

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    Nicholas Panagiotopoulos

    Okay I’ll ask her today,ill see how it goes, thanks a lot Luke, btw, love your vids man🤘

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    Thank you Nicholas and all the best when you ask her out.

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