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    We met online this summer and after years of searching it was finally a great match. However he was from another country over 1000 miles away. He asked me whether I will come to visit him but in that time I had already booked a holiday on the island far away from him, so I said maybe another time. One day I received a surprising text from him telling me he found a good deal ship ticket for that island and that he would come to see me, thatt I am worth that tiring journey. He sailed 10 hours for this “blind date” . Then we spent a adventurous romantic week together. We both acted like we are so in love. When we both got back to our homeplaces, we continued communication for about 3 weeks (still in very romantic way)and he was planning to come to see me, we talked about the details of the trip, dates and the tickets. I booked some special trips according to what he liked and he was looking forward to it, he acted very excited because it would be his first visit to my country. Next morning he texted me in his usual sweet way. I responded sweetly in return and then nothing. Just silence. My urgent “are you alive” messages were read , his phone is ringing with no response. He is apparently alive. It has been two months now. What the heck could have happened????

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