Ghosted by a marriage prospect after 3 months, what was the reason?

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    Hi, firstly I need to thank you for being so brutally honest which is so rare to come by! I really appreciate it, thank you!

    I was in an arranged marriage setup with a guy who seemed like a great person and knew what he wanted. During the first conversation itself he told me about this crucial stage in his career which needed his attention for the next few months and so the conversation would be limited etc but we texted back and forth as time permitted and met once during his travels and transit. This happened post two months of texting and he said he’d like to see me again in October but the texts became scanty and a lot of jokes had a sexual connotation to them or he was trying to open up a little too soon but he wasn’t ready to have a real conversation or avoided them. I asked a couple of times if this was a hindrance in his career at this given time or if at all he wants to continue talking but he didn’t clearly confirm either way. Now, it’s been ten days since we last texted. The last time we did, I was taken aback by this really lewd message that he sent which I didn’t expect from him and decided to text him saying that we need to chat, whenever he’s ready.
    What do I make out of this situation? Its really been playing on my mind, please help!

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    Hi Prerna,

    The reason why your marriage prospect ghosted you after 3 months could be because he is feeling as though he lacks the right kind of chemistry with you.

    This was initially evident in how little the both of you would text.

    Being that this was an arranged marriage situation, he should have been a lot more proactive in trying to get to know you, but he wasn’t.

    After the both of you met once during his transit travel, the amount of consequent texting decreased even further.

    The texts also became more sexual in nature.

    At this stage, he may have felt as though he could become more sexual because he had gotten to meet you in real life.

    He felt that it was fine for him to take his texts in this direction because he may have thought of you as someone who was merely waiting for him.

    Also, in focusing so much on his career, he has given himself an excuse not to have more substantial and meaningful conversations with you.

    It’s been ten days since the both of you texted each other because he may feel as though you aren’t responding in the way he would want when it comes to the lewd messages that he sends you.

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