Getting my overprotective parents to approve of my bf

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    I met a really nice, sweet guy two months ago. We exchanged numbers and started talking via text. I’m 16 (almost 17) and turned out after talking for about two weeks that he’s 22. We have EVERYTHING in common and at first my parents liked him until they found out he was 22. They then told me to ignore him and quit talking to him. So I told him that my parents don’t like it and he said he completely understood and that we’ll cut back on how much we communicate. One month in, my parents find out I’m still talking to him and were furious. So I told him and we talked once a week as friends for about two weeks until he was back in WI (he briefly moved in with his aunt in NM because they needed some help). After he got back, we started talking again. He’s really sweet, Christian, and…im speculating but probably still a virgin…like myself. He was raised in a small town and school. He told me that he’s willing to try anything to get my parents approval and said that if it came to it, he’d be willing to wait a year until I’m 18 or whenever I wanted to date. I need some help on getting my parents to allow us to date. I know that once they got to know him, they’d love him,but they have to give him a chance first. Do you have any tips or advice?

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