getting mixed signals from a guy i suspect likes me

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    hi! my name is dafna and im 20 years old, the guy i’m very much attracted to, physically and spiritually, there’s something that just reels me in and it’s like a magnet, there’s just something there and i can’t explain it, my gut feeling and intuition is extremely strong and i feel like there could be some potential what i feel when i’m around him or when i see him doesn’t compare at all to what i’ve felt for other guys in the past, it’s like this present guy makes me forget about the guys in the past, i’ve been wanting to talk to him but i get so nervous and can’t find the words to say to him, we go to the same school but not in the same class and whenever he walks by we make eye contact for a few seconds, this happens between 2-3 times every day, whenever we make eye contact he never smiles or shows any sign of emotion or anything and if he’s with friends and walks by he doesn’t even acknowledge me at all, i don’t know if i’m overthinking and he’s just looking at the whole class in general and not directly at me, but something weird happened today, he was sitting right in front of my classroom, the walls are all glass so you can see right through them and everything, he was staring and i turned around because i had a feeling someone was looking at me so i did, i turned around and we made eye contact for a bit, then i turned around to continue my work and he puts on his sunglasses and was still looking in and i discreetly look again and he was staring inside the classroom again, i don’t know if he put them on so i don’t notice he’s staring at me or what, also something that really freaked me out was that he was on the second floor of the building, there’s a balcony area on the second floor where you can see the whole school (it’s a small school our class door was closed and it’s soundproof (i go to culinary school) so basically he was on the second floor and he got out and was looking in my direction and something just told me to turn around and look up and so i did, and right as i turn around he was already looking at me and i found that to be so weird, he’ll only look at me if he’s by himself, if he’s with someone else he won’t even acknowledge me or anything so i have mixed feelings, i don’t know what to feel, my gut says one thing but what if i’m overthinking ? what if he just stares because i always look at him when he walks by and he thinks i’m weird ? whenever he doesn’t go to school for whatever reason or he’s not close to me i feel super odd and off, like something is missing, i can’t function 100% and i’m guess you can say that i get sad, whenever he’s around or walks by i feel more at peace, i feel at home and i can function better, i dont know how he feels about me due to the fact that we’ve never had an actual conversation, he seems a bit shy from what i can tell, yesterday at school some of his friends and himself were with some people from my class and i joined in to try to engage in the conversation but i got way too nervous and i just stood there and listened, not once did he acknowledge me and if he did he pretended not to, he only made eye contact once for a split second and that’s it, i don’t know what to do, should i give up and move on ? is he giving mixed signals ? should i follow him on social media ? his instagram account is private, we have a mutual follower, would it be weird or creepy if i follow him ? considering we’ve never had a conversation? i just don’t want to do the wrong thing or seem creepy and scare him away, please help, id very much appreciate it

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