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    This classmate and I both have class together and I laugh around him because I’m nervous. I do find him attractive so once he came up and talked to me I was at a loss for words. He asked me a question regarding class work that he could’ve asked his friends or the teacher. The answer was pretty obvious so and it was noted on the classwork as well. Later, I apologized for my stumbling of words and he asked me if i had a crush on him. I said no and he said oh and walked away.
    I feel foolish for saying no because I do. This past week he’s looked at me several times and even went out of his way to be in my vicinity. Is it possible he’s interested?


    Hi Kelly,

    Yes, it is possible that he is interested.

    This may be why he asked you if you have a crush on him when you apologized to him for stumbling your words.

    He may not have believed you when you told him no.

    This may be why he is still looking at you.

    Since you like this guy, you should start returning his eye contact with a smile or even start engaging in conversations with him.

    This way, he may get to the point where he decides to ask you out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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