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    My friends with benefit recently saw me hanging out with a guy at the airport. Turns out they know each other and were both heading home on the same flight, at one point in time the three of us even spoke together but then he (FWB)left and it was just me and my friend again, however he was just across the room. My friend doesn’t know we have sex. This friend and I was once former friends with benefits and we remained close. We don’t have sex anymore but let’s just say that when we are together, there’s a lot of laughs and fun times. After my friend left, I went over to say goodbye to my current friend with benefits as he also was about to leave, however his responses were clipped and short, but I paid no attention to it because I figured it was because he was in a rush and didn’t want to miss his flight. A few weeks passed without us speaking which is fine with me because we’ve went weeks without speaking before and we both have busy lives.However, when he eventually did pop to say hi and to do his regular checking, but he went on the say that he’s been intentionally keeping his distance. When I asked him why he said it was because he saw me speaking to the guy (my friend, his friend) and he thought to himself “what the fuck”. He also went on to ask me if I was currently having sex with him and I told him truthfully,No. He then went on to ask me if I was having sex with anyone else and I told him No, not as yet. His replied to me saying not as yet, was “you better not have sex with anyone else.”
    This caught me off-guard as we never restricted each other from having sex with another person.
    The fact that he decided to become distant for weeks rather than ask me immediately after took me by surprise.
    Was this act a sign of jealousy on his behalf?


    A man can have 12 women but he wants to be the only one having sex with every one of them. It’s just his male ego. He thought he was the only one. I had this happen before. I was at a friend with benefits house one night. We hooked up and had sex afterwards I wanted to go hang out with another man friend (nothing sexual) he went ballistic. He threw my things out of the house, texted me all sorts of nasty messages that night and the following day. He went on a jealous rage. They can’t take you being with someone else. He wants to have access to you when he wants to.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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