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    Nigeria m Harris

    Hey. I was wondering if this guy that I have a crush on likes me. I have multiple examples but this one just stood out to me more. #1 so my Friend and I were entering into the office. Along the way we were laughing and talking etc and we were almost like half way towards the door. When the guy I like he just opened the door out if no where. It was like he was expecting to open the door for us. My friend she was in front of me at the time and as he had opened the door. She went inside but said thank you to him. But the funny the was when he had opened the door his eyes were on me the entire time. Like full dead eye contact. It surprised me at first and so I hold the eye contact with him. Before I went inside but as I was passing by him I said thank you . But he didn’t say anything at all??? And as I look with the corner of my eye. I saw him briefly smile with his head down. But after that it was gone when he was about to close the door. Another guy was coming. I could see that it had took em him off guard. Be because he was expecting someone else to come. So he just opened the door for him as well. What do you think about this?

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