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    So I met this guy through my best friend’s boyfriend. The four of us always hung out and we all became pretty good friends. The guy and I really hit it off and I was crushing on him but he has a girlfriend and I respected that; I still liked him, but never did anything to persue it. The spring semester ended and I moved back home (away from my university) and we didn’t have any contact for about a month. The four of us play this game on our phones where you can request to play with each other and talk through the game. One day just him and I were on the game and he requested to play with me and started talking to me. Since then, he’s always gotten on at the time that I get on every night (it say on the app) and plays with me. We will stay up for 7+ hours playing 3-4 games at first but Then just talking to each other for the rest of the time. He always tells me how he never gets tired of talking to me and he has said he always hopes that I’m on because I missed talking to me, but he’s never asked me for my number, Snapchat or any social media. He’s very flirty and I really, really like him, but I know I have to stop because he has a girlfriend who I’m sure has no idea he’s staying up all night 4 or 5 times a week talking to me, and I just feel so guilty. I just don’t know if I should tell him how I feel and tell him that we can still play together and be friendly, just not stay up all night talking anymore because I won’t be able to get over my feelings if we continue. Or should i just stop everything without giving him an explanation (which would make me feel kind of bad because we actually have become quite good friends)? It’s just hard because when the fall semester starts again, my friend, her boyfriend, and I always hang out with him and I truly don’t want to make things awkward for our friend group. PLEASE HELP!


    Maybe dont tell him mainly because the risk of backlash from your friend and could ruin your group as a whole. I know its hard but waiting is key. I play games with girls a lot and coming on at the same time to play and talk is common but it depends what he sending I think it a waiting game maybe something going on with his current gf and is not ready to tell you and your there to kinda make him happy and not think about it I would wait see what happens but there will always be that risk of your friend maybe talk to her but dont tell her.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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