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    About 3 weeks ago I decided to end a situationship I was in. I had been over to his house the night before the break up and I accidentally left a very expensive electronic device behind. He said Angela found it Sunday night after I was there. I asked for it back and he said she would be calling me and that she has my number and I would definitely be hearing from her and he also said that he was forwarding our text conversations to her and that she watched us have sex the night before on a video tape he recorded ( I was recorded without permission and without knowing). Everytime I asked for my merchandise back he said Angela gonna give it to you, she is gonna make sure you get it. She wants to hand deliver it to you. This made me nervous so I suggested that he leave the product at the police station. Was I wrong for getting the police involved? He also said that I was stalking him and that he had to tell her about me before I Called her and ruined it for him. I think he is sick.

    Gina Parker

    Hi Tasha:

    I left my bf over 3 years ago and he kept all my belongings. If it didn’t fit in the car I left the in? He got it.

    I’ve called, begged, pleaded, cried, and NOTHING has softened his heart. When I met him he had houses with rooms totally filled with things from his 4 ex’s. I wondered why they’d leave him and leave their furniture behind. Now I know. They left on his terms not their own.

    Say goodbye to your fancy equipment. Say goodbye to your sex tape. You won’t get it back. He uses it as blackmail and to humiliate you. Move on. The best revenge is a life well lived without him.

    I feel for you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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