Ex still staring at me after 3 (almost 4) years?

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    When I first met my ex, he wouldn’t really say anything. In fact, I would catch him staring at me in class. Even after he broke up with me, he kept on staring at me for more than 5 seconds. I never saw him after we broke up until today. I was at the pool and somehow my friend noticed he was there before I did. I quickly look back to see him and saw him staring directly at me. While I was at the pool for 1-2 hours, I would catch him looking over the slide just to see me (he’s currently working as a lifeguard). I even noticed that he would turn around and look right into my eyes. Even while I was talking with my friend, I would see him just watch us talk. The staring got a bit out of hand that I somehow distracted him and the other lifeguards blew their whistle at him. I haven’t spoken to him in 3 years and this is the first time we’ve ever seen each other since the dramatic breakup in 8th grade (we’re soon going to become seniors in high school). Why, to this day, does he still stare at me? Is it because I’ve gone through changes? Can he still be attracted to me?

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