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    So me and my ex were about to come back together, I had her on the phone, I succeded to reattract her, I told her that I’m not available the following days but I can only see her on a certain day of the week because I have studies and lot of work, 3 days after it she called and ask me to meet up now, I told that I can’t because of what I explained earlier, she said she was okey,3 days after that call, I called her and she seemed cold asf, she said she was sick, but only after texting her, I knew that it was something wrong, I panicked I started apologizing for nor reason.. until today She still on the silence treatment, I called she seemed normal again, I asked her to meet up, she said you can call me and we’ll meet up, I called her, she didn’t respond. Thats it thank you alot if you can answer me that would be awesome.

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