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    *Back story: My ex and I dated for about 2 months until he broke up with me suddenly over text. He turned horrible after he believed someone who made up a rumour about me not trusting him? (Weird I know).
    My ex would throw things at me, talk loudly, make fun of me and try to get my attention ever since he broke off the relationship. I would ignore him and focus on myself and not respond. After a while it get worse, he started bullying me and getting everyone he could to join him, (especially females). It was so terrible that I had to forced to move out of school. It was sudden and no one know where I went except my best friend.*

    Ever since I have moved, my best friend told me he keeps asking her where I have gone. Even his friends who have never talked to her before. Also my brother has noticed he keeps coming past my house as well? (It is hard to get to my house as I live in a dead end slip road). Talking loudly or looking at my house.

    I’m just really confused. He has made my life very difficult and keeps asking my where abouts? Why does he keep appearing?

    Thank you

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