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    My ex and I broke up 3 years ago and we completely stopped talking/messaging each other. I recently sent him a message saying I’m hoping he’s doing okay and that he looks good (since I recently saw him). He then later sees the message 2 days later and leaves me on read. He just messaged me 2 days ago (after weeks of leaving me on seen) and he sent me his Snapchat saying that’s where he actually responds. I added him on the same day and he has yet to respond. Does he still want to talk to me? Is he just busy? Is he starting to play hard to get? He’s Somewhat confusing me.

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    Don’t jump too far ahead. He has given you his snapchat name so that a start to show he is open to communicate with you again. But he may think of this as a mutual friend conversation. You get what I’m saying? Take things slow and don’t jump the gun until you have talked and that there are completely obvious signs he has interest in you.

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