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    This guy waited for me for months while I was in an toxic realationship and he was supportive & was doing everything my boyfriend(then) wasn’t. Now I have left that person & my boyfriend who is now the father of my child is causing problems. We went threw a lot & wheb we found out I was pregnant he was still here & he wanted to keep the baby. Well now we have broken up and he feels like everything is my fault & thats I didn’t do mu job. But this is a lot i have mood swings & get angrier than usual because of my pregnancy harmones. Now we have decided to co parent but that isn’t working either. He told me to leave him alone & to let him be & to only contact him about our baby. Now I have done that & let him go & I even told him he can be with somebody else just do your part for our baby. He called me about 2 weeks ago sounding very upset & say he doesn’t understand why I couldn’t just talk to him & really hurt him badly. But idk how im still hurting him when he has a gf and I did what he asked me to. Then the gf text me & I told him & he basically blamed me but i never new she existed until she texted me. He called me & sounds very angry and cussed me out & said non of this would of happened if you would of just listened & did what you was supposed to. He said he really cared for me & did everything for me & that he was down for me but I did him wrong.he even said he would leave the gf if I tell him too. & he keeps throwing in my face that he has a gf now every hance he get & says im just mad because he has a gf now. But im not I even told him im talking to somebody and he basically tried ti call me a hoe. If I let him go & left him alone like he asked me to seven times why is so angry at me & why does he keep trying to emotionally hurt. One minute were ok and a week later he mad at me. But I don’t see how because I left you alone so you can be happy but yet ur still blaming me & still trying to hurt me but I only did with he aaked. Im trying to move forward like he is but its like he makes arguments & makes me stress when we are not even together anymore.

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