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    Diana Branch

    Thk u…
    I am very excited about a perspective new relationship..have been single for atleast 10 years…no sex either..I’m christian…the perspective man is AWESOME..a little clingy with the calling everyday..but I’m sure would deeply respect me if I said it was uncomfortable for me…we went to school together..n dated in school…so I do know him ..hes not a total stranger…
    Heres the problem….UNBELIEVABLE…my last boyfriend recently contacted me through face book…however ..our relationship was not the best…he was a professional body builder ..need i say anymore…after 10 years he contacts me..n rehashs old things..from our relationship that was years ago…but heres my thing ..I want to know…WHY THE HELL AM I EVEN GIVING HIM a second thought…
    N why am I apprehensive to start a possibly great relationship w/ a man who is stable..christian …wonderful…but perhaps a little clingy….
    Oh n of course the ex had to throw into the mix…hes studying the bible now…OH MY GOODNESS…it bothers me that I even think about the ex…
    Thk u
    Diana Branch

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