Does she like me if she’s shy

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    Nicolas Epstein

    This short shy girl who is older than me. starting acting mean to me and did it on two different occasion’s when I said hi to her. Now she looks shorter. Has orange hair and orange face now not red face and dyed red hair anymore. She doesn’t smile
    Much at me just looks away Down at the ground when she notices i’m Looking at her.
    We talked. When I got back to the places she is living I hugged her and put my head on her shoulder and after I did that she got angry. She’s 25 and I’m almost 19 years old
    What do I do why did she get angry at me and why did she get angry after I hugged her like that
    Nic Epstein

    Randolfo Gramaccini

    Whatchu mean orange face… Red face ? How does she look shorter? Did she gain weight? Does she have large breasts? Women with large breasts can be so entitled. Just because their breasts are so large, because their milk tanks are so full of milk.. They only go after NFL quarterbacks and not nice guys like yourself.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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