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    Theres a guy at the gym I have a crush on. He approached me a few weeks ago and we flirted for a bit, he asked for my number and I didn’t want to look too easy so smiled and said I’ll see him around.
    After this, the next time I saw him, we would just saw hi to each other in passing. I’s been several weeks now and we haven’t spoken properly since. A few days ago I stopped after a set and noticed him looking at me from afar. We locked eyes for a few seconds (longer than usual), it was an intense stare and felt magnetic. He smiled and waved at me and, embarrassed, i broke away and smiled due to the awkwardness.
    Since then, we still haven’t spoken, we have eye contact but that’s it. I notice he flirts with other girls at the gym near me and I just ignore it. Is he interested in me or just trying to get with someone? Thanks x


    Hi Maria,

    Your gym crush appears to like you.

    He has approached you in the past, flirted and even asked for your number.

    You have noticed him looking at you from afar and that look was intense and longer than usual.

    These are all normal signs of interest.

    However, after you chose not to give him your number, he may not be entirely sure whether you like him or not.

    This may be why he has avoided trying to talk to you for any length of time in the last few weeks.

    It may even be why he is now flirting with other girls at the gym.

    If you like him, you should engage in conversation with him as soon as you can.

    It could be as simple as asking him about something to do with the gym or a piece of gym equipment that you are thinking about using.

    If the both of you start flirting with each other again during this exchange, you will know that his interest is still there.

    At this point, you could wait for him to try asking for your number again.

    However, if he doesn’t, you should consider volunteering it or at least, providing some other way that he can contact you, perhaps through social media.

    This will give you the opportunity to start getting to know him on a more personal basis.

    You will not really be able to determine if he is truly interested in you as a person or just trying to get with someone unless you start having real conversations with him.

    If you like this guy, you should take action soon.

    The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood that his interest will wane until it evaporates.

    At that point, it may not be long before you notice that he is dating some other girl from the gym.


    Hi Luke,

    Since i last posted there hasn’t been much interaction with my gym crush. I still notice him looking at me from across the room and wonder what he’s thinking.
    I sometimes speak to his friend that he trains with and I try to speak to him but can sense tension (fidgeting) even when I ask him a simple question.

    A while back, I was talking to a guy and he looked over and gave me a smirk, he’s done this a few times when he sees me with this guy. Most recently however, I have seen him with the guy i was talking to, (i think he’s made friends with him now) and I’m not sure how to feel.

    I’m not sure if he’s just not interested anymore and i’m over-thinking things. What do you think could be going through his head?




    Hi Maria,

    He may just be worried about allowing himself to get his hopes up about you.

    Thereby, he is operating with a lot more caution than he normally would.

    He is a guy who has shown that he can flirt with other girls easily.

    Hence, the way he fidgets when you have tried to talk to him may indicate that he is so unsure about his standing with you that he just doesn’t want to put himself in a position where he gets his hopes up again.

    You turned down his earlier request for your number and to some extent, he may think that you are the one who isn’t interested in him.

    However, he continues to look at you from across the room because he may still flirt with the idea of trying to talk to you again. But, he stops himself because he fears that you will only reject him again.

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