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    I’ve known this guy for a few months. He’s pretty chill and very honest. I never thought he liked me despite him always complimenting my body e.g. “Damn I didn’t know how buff you were” (I workout) he’s always complimenting random things about me especially my body like how great my lat game is. And that made me realize he’s been checking me out. He offers to walk me home. I catch him staring at me all the time and he’ll let me know it too lol. He’ll even smirk when I catch him. He also gives me the tightest bear hugs.

    I tested his interested today by texting him i was going on a date and he replied “wow so you have a bf or you just like going on dates either way that’s interesting” then I old him I’ve been single and lonely for so long. He then said he’s surprised I’m even single he said “why are u single that’s the real question” I then asked him why surprised. He said “I’m hilarious and pretty sexy and a great personality” I got a vibe that he said all that because he got worried that he would lose his chance.

    What’s your opinion on this? I mean I know he finds me attractive but does he have feelings for me? Why would he text me all of this?


    I think this is a great oportunity to get to know him and see if it could be something. I think you should show him your interested and see how he reacts to it, try to finds out more about him. honestly this one is all on you! He deffinetly seems interested in you! so you should take some time and see what he means to you, can you live without him in your everyday life? Does he fit your standards? If he interests you in the same way go for it!

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