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    There’s a guy from my old workplace (my crush) that stared at me ALL the time for two yrs at my old job but never approached me. Sometimes I caught him staring and he’d quickly look away. I eventually developed a crush on him and i think he noticed me looking at him too. I left that job and started a new one. I went to visit my friends recently at my old job and he immediately noticed me and started talking/smiling/ laughing while looking at me and talking to his friend who also was looking in my direction. I walked up to him when he was alone and spoke to him for the first time and he told me ALL about himself… he told me as much as he could about what he’s passionate about, his goals, future planes, his family etc. He also kept asking me how I was doing more than once and how my new job was going and where exactly I work. I hear he has a girlfriend but I’m not sure. Do u think he likes me?




    no he just wants to bang

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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