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    So I play this game called roblox and a boy I met in a game became a very good friend of mine and one time I had said i’M beautiful and he said I think you are to. And I was confused because I hadn’t seen him before just met him in a game then I get all nervous and stuff then he says no matter how you look but he didn’t continue so I told him about my nervous reactions and he said do you like me or something?? I was like oh no so I just started to type words like “err…Uhm…uhhh” he was like are you ok? But I’m pretty sure he likes me and I think like him…and every time I’m online he is online to idk if this is a sign but he was trying to change that conversation and my brother was beside me seeing the whole thing.


    I think you should be careful it’s a game you shouldn’t be looking for love there. There’s people that just want sex or want to be in relationships then leave out of nowhere because its online they can disappear whenever leaving you hurt please be careful don’t give your heart to just anyone

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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