Does he like me? Please help me out.

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    Hi. So there is a guy I really like and I’ve liked him for about a year now. There are so many things that he has done that I think are “signs” but I still can’t convince myself that he likes me. There is constant flirting and eye contact. This man almost never takes his eyes off of me when we are together. Sometimes we have moments of silence where we just stare at each other. These “signs” recently have been getting overwhelming. He always gets a huge smile on his face whenever he sees me. When we walk together, he barely ever looks straight or looks down his eyes are always on me. When I’m with him, I get an overwhelming vibe of love. I’m not sure if it’s coming from me or him. Lately, we’ve been having long conversations. Sometimes he looks down at my lips when I’m talking to him. The other day, he walked past me but didn’t see me, so I said “hey” and he turned his head around and got so excited that he almost tripped over himself. He had this weird half smile before he saw me and then once he did he just got this crazy big smile. After I talked to him one day, I was on the phone with a friend telling her about our exchange and how I wished that I had hugged him. As I was talking to her about hugging him, I turned around and he was coming out of the building we were just in. He did not see me but I think he may have been close enough to hear me. The last time I saw him, he asked me to come see him. I am just so confused and I feel like he might make a move when I go see him. I just really need advice on this.

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