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    Emma Jenkins

    Ok. I need help. I have started talking to a guy on snapchat and the first day we talked back and forth from 4pm to 11pm and he even said “goodnight”. The next day he doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t. He does send “streaks hmu” and ocasionally i will hit him up but when I send him hmu he never responds. When I do hit him up he replies almsot right away but he is super dry. I also know he doesn’t send hmu to everyone because one of my friends has him on snap and he doesn’t send them to her. I am so confused. He never initates convo but he iniates hmu. And he’s dry but respodns right away. And I always get full face snaps so i am so lost. Does he like me? What is he feeling? How do i get to know him better and talk to him more without looking clingy or desperate? AHH I NEED HELP.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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