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    So I have been with this guy for almost a year but we usually had different schedules but recently we have been working together a lot and we always joke around when we are with other but but when we are working at feel him staring at a lot of time but I didn’t want to look back at him but sometimes I would ask why he is starting at me me and he would say nothing or give excuse but the thing is whenever am talking other people he is always gets involved in my business and when I ignore him he becomes agitated or try to get my attention on him do you think he likes me or just fun for him because if I ignore and talk with other his attention will be on me until I speak to him and he uses different techniques for me to speak to him and he knows when am moody and is always asking about me what should I do?


    Hi Ruth,

    If you have noticed that he always tries to be the center of attention when he is at work, not just with you, but with other employees, he may simply be having fun with you. In essence, he likes the attention and not you per se.

    However, if you have noticed that he only tries to get your attention and no one else’s, he may like you. That would mean that all the staring that he has been doing is due to attraction.

    However, whenever you have asked him about why he is staring at you and he would say nothing, that may mean that to some extent he may be too shy to express how he feels to you.

    It may be easier to get him to express how he truly feels about you if you were to start having conversations with him about topics that he is really passionate about.

    Doing this over time will help to build trust with him and this is often what could make him feel more comfortable with expressing his feelings to you at a point in time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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