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    So I met this guy as he was interviewing me..I got hired and he was my boss I’m 19 he’s 20 and I worked there for about 2 weeks then I had to leave because of school.
    But he would stare at me and look at me up and down we would smile when talking and I felt like he liked me when our eyes caught each other I’d smile back and he’d make me nervous.everytime I came to work he’d make sure he sees me.on the last day of work we had presentations his girlfriend showed up but my boss(nel) had told her to wait in the car downstairs
    Ever since we’ve left I constantly think of him I stalk him and I recently learnt b4 I resigned he broke up with his gf.Does he like me?will he pursue me ? Should I make a move ? Did he break up with his gf to be with me?


    Hi Jess,

    By staring at you and looking you up and down at work, he was most likely showing signs of physical attraction.

    However, he did have a girlfriend at the time that you were working there. Thereby, there is a good chance that he wasn’t emotionally available.

    It doesn’t appear that he tried to stay in touch with you after you left that job. You are actually the one who has shown the most interest in stalking him after you left.

    He, on the other hand, hasn’t made any real effort to stay in touch with you. This may indicate that he wasn’t willing to take whatever physical attraction that he may have felt for you any further than the office.

    In other words, he didn’t want any interaction with you beyond the workplace. This is how he is able to create separation between his life at work and his life outside of work.

    Bearing this in mind, it is unlikely that he will pursue you even though you have recently learned that he broke up with his girlfriend.

    Again, he never tried to pursue you or stay in contact with you when you left the job. This shows a lack of interest when it comes to taking his interaction with you beyond anything but stares and flirtatious smiles.

    It is unlikely that he broke up with his girlfriend to be with you. If that were the case, he would have made a move to reconnect with you by now.

    All this being said, if he is attracted to you, there is still a possibility that something more could come out of this. Hence, yes, it is alright to make a move.

    However, if you are able to reconnect with him, ensure that his girlfriend is most certainly a person of his past and no longer a factor.

    If you don’t establish this earlier on as you get to know each other better, by the time that you learn that his girlfriend is still possibly a major factor in his life, you may have already established deeper feelings for him.

    This would make it that much harder for you to let go of him which is something that you would need to do if you were to discover that he isn’t emotionally available to you.

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