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    There is this guy that I have worked with for a few months now. When I first started I would catch him staring at me and when I would stare back he wouldn’t look away and we would end up staring at each other for a few seconds. I was always the one looking away first. Sometimes I wouldn’t even look at him, but notice that he was looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I’m pretty sure I have even caught him checking me out a few times. For the past few months we have been talking more and have hung out with other coworkers. I would say we have become friends. I still catch him staring at me. Also in conversations with others he seems to focus on me. Even when we are just working he seems to focus on me too. He seems to look at me for my reactions to things and jokes said. Sometimes he’ll only ask me questions like what my plans are for the weekend when we are in a group, like he won’t ask the others talking with us. He also makes a point to sit next to me when we hang out, and verbally states that he is sitting next to me on purpose. He has also shown concern over my emotional well being a few times, to the point where he won’t stop asking me if I’m ok until he’s satisfied with my answer that yes I’m ok. He also seems to tease me about things. In my opinion he shows signs of attraction but what confuses me is that he’ll casually mention if he finds another girl he sees as attractive. He has also recently started to call me dude a few times and bro once. Recently my coworker and I have hung out more and more with our other coworkers. The last time we hung out was last week with our other coworkers. That night his girlfriend was there, but he didn’t seem to be paying attention to her. I noticed that he was looking at me a lot. He also paid for mine and another coworkers drinks since we were the first ones to get there. That night after we hung out he snapchatted me a video of his dog and we had a short conversation on snapchat. The next night he snapchatted me a picture of his dog and then when I responded he snapchatted me a picture of his drink and we again had a short conversation on there. When he snapchatted me the picture of his drink he was with his girlfriend. I know he has a girlfriend but I’m just curious if he’s interested in me since I work with him.

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