Does he know I like him and does he possibly like me back?

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    There’s this guy in my class that I have a huge crush on. He used to make a lot of eye contact, like literally stare into my eyes every time I talk to him or we pass each other in the hallway at school. I tried texting him once and the conversation was short but he seemed super interested and kept on trying to take the conversation further. So I guessed he might have some interest for me.

    Before the winter break I told my friend about my crush and apparently my friend told his brother. The problem is, I don’t know if his brother told him. So I want to know what his behavior means.

    After the winter break I’ve noticed he has been trying to get closer to me. The first week he kept sitting next to me in one of our classes and tried to talk a bit. But what’s odd is that right after the break he stopped making eye contact. Yesterday I was talking to him and he was looking everywhere but at my face. He even looked at the ground a bit. I feel like he’s giving me mixed signals and I have no idea how to justify his behavior. Does he like me or is he behaving this way because he might have found out I have feelings for him? I read somewhere that If the feelings are not mutual the guy will avoid the girl but that’s not the case. But yet again he isn’t really making a move either. Help is VERY MUCH appreciated!

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