Does he feel the same way?

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    The guy I like is my friends brother they both know I like him. I always catch him staring at me, he treats me differently than how he treats my friend’s (his sister’s) other friends. When I catch him staring at me he does look away. He makes eye contact with me.. he says he doesn’t care about me but shows as if he does.. He always asks his sister if I’m going to be hanging out with them for activities (concerts,movies,mall,etc.) he touches me a lot on the arms and back of head. He always makes jokes and looks at me right after making them to see if I laugh and when I do he smiles and laughs with me. He is always sitting across from me now.. I also always catch him looking at me before we go our separate ways.. I don’t know how to address it if he does have feelings for me.. should I let him come forward himself or should I confront him about it?

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