Do I tell him how I feel or just walk away from him

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    if we have nothing “serious” just mess around but I like him a lot, do I tell him how I feel? He’s more of the player type. He messes around with me whenever he feels like it. One day he’ll talk to me next day he’s too busy to talk to me, we don’t even talk out of work anymore, yet he doesn’t fully leave me alone. I feel like I’m gona come off crazy or like I’m wasting my time because we don’t have anything serious but it’s hard keeping it all in. I just don’t think it’s okay he chooses when he wants to mess around with melike I’m a toy. I want to tell him so he can understand where I’m coming from and put himself in my shoes. He’s also an older guy so I know he’s not stupid he knows what he’s doing. I know I deserve better but it’s also hard to walk away. What to do in this situation


    Let him go. You see you have to understand that there is someone out there who will give you the love you need and deserve. You have to know your worth you don’t have to sit around hoping and praying and wishing for someone to come along. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with a whole lot to offer. Take this time to work on yourself. Do some of the things you have been wanting to do. Take some time to do you and have fun doing it. You have to believe that what is in front of you is better than what you left behind.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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