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    Araceli Gaxiola

    Hello, I’ve been recently interested in a close friend of mine which also happens to be one of my cousins best friend. We have all been pretty close french for a couple of years now. I told my cousin about how I felt about him and asked if it was weird but he advised me to shoot my shot. I then told him through text how I felt about him and he was shocked at first. He told me how he appreciated reaching out to him and although he thought I was good looking he just couldn’t build feelings for me since I’m considered one of his “family friends”. He went on to say how he had already built a friend wall in order to keep his feelings out of the way. He also mentioned how he didn’t want to make things awkward between my cousin and him if anything did happen, and also felt it might be disrespectful which I totally understood. But now every time we all hang out he’ll pay attention to little details I say or do and tends, also remembers what I say, and looks at me more often. He gets bit overprotected when other guy friends are around too. Now, I don’t know if this is all in my head haha but I wanted to hear your advice on what I should do. I had already asked him to hangout if he was ever in town but haven’t got anything back. Do you think he said he see’s me as a family friend to politely say he’s not interested, could he be afraid to ruin his relationship with my cousin, or could there be something else?

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