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    Hiii. So Im literally desperate because a guy who likes me acts bad. Ill explain how

    He liked me for few good months, but he always just stares, smiles occasionally but from a far, even his friend teases him and smiles at him when im around, listens to my conversations and other positive body language. Being the damaged shy person I am, I thought it was nothing and just coincidence or im just good looking so that’s why he stares. I tried talking to him couple of times, been giving opportunities but he is always deadly quiet around me. So confusing! Recently he got a gf whose pic he put on his profile pic and he walks around where I live with her because he heard from listening to what I say, where I live. Why? I feel so heartbroken 🙁 I cant do anything or focus on my work from sadness…


    Men really are confusing. Sounds like he’s probably trying to get a reaction from you, but that wouldn’t be the right way for him to do it. If his friends are teasing him, it MIGHT mean something. But don’t worry yourself sick over him. Get out and meet new people, be kind to and treat yourself 🥰

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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