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    I worked at this job for almost 2 years and I had a crush on a coworker that worked in a different area. He was extremely shy.I was very confident.He and I stared at each all the time,but other guy coworkers kept telling me that he didn’t like me and they kept telling him that I didn’t like him because they all had crushes on me. One of our coworkers was asked by him to find out if I liked him. The guy lied to him and said that I didn’t like him. My crush looked dejected. Three days before I left the job he ran up to me with a expensive boxed bouquet of flowers. He just stood there with his mouth open so I thought I got in his way on the way to someone else so I left. He ended up giving the flowers to another woman and asking her out instead of me. I think they broke up since then.I think she was a rebound girlfriend since he bought me the flowers, and was too scared to talk to me. It has been three years since I worked there. I don’t go there at all anymore. I need to know what I can do to talk with him again. He blocked me years ago on facebook when he was dating her so that is not an option. What can I do ?


    Hi T,

    Try to see if you can find your crush on other forms of social media. If you do, you could send him a friend request.

    Being that he has since broken up with his rebound girlfriend, he may be more open to accepting a friend request from you than in prior years.

    If you are unable to find him on other forms of social media, you could become reacquainted with people that you used to work with at your old job.

    You may be able to find some of them on social media or you could even try to catch some of them on their lunch break.

    Think about old lunch venues that these coworkers would frequent when you used to work at your old job. There is a good chance that some of them still go to these venues.

    You could use them to find out more information about your crush’s whereabouts and possibly some of his contact information.

    To do this effectively, whether it be on social media or on this old coworker’s lunch break, it is best to start with small talk and then introduce the topic of your crush at a point that feels natural.

    You could even use the guise of trying to figure out who is still working there.

    Perhaps at some point saying something like, “So who all is still working there?”

    This will give you the opportunity to casually throw a few old names at this coworker as you naturally work your way towards asking about whether your crush still works there.

    This way, it doesn’t feel like the only reason why you got reacquainted with this coworker on social media or their lunch break was just so that you could get information about your old crush.

    Once your old crush becomes a subject of conversation, you could easily get their contact information by acting as though you are just looking to reconnect with old coworkers.

    Hence, it would behoove you to first obtain the contact information of that coworker in whom you are getting reacquainted with and perhaps a few other old coworkers before eventually landing on getting the contact information of your old crush.

    Again, this way, you don’t come off as though the only reason why you chose to get reacquainted with this old coworker was to simply obtain your old crush’s contact information.

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