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    Im really confused about my crush’s behavior and i was jsut looking for your opinion. So for starters, he lives in tennessee for college and im home here in mass. when he came up for winter break, he asked me out, we went out, everything was great. then he asked to hang out again twice more before we went back. he grew up here with me and all of our friends are mutal and we were open with them when we went on these dates. but before he left we did have a conversation and he told me he wanted to be with me but he wasnt sure if he was ready to be in a relationship, so i told him lets take this semster until may to get to know each other and then make a desicion then. but this guy rarely ever texts me. i always reached out,a nd now i stopped because i cant be the only one trying. I would be more willing to move on if he had never admitted his feelings to me, he even said he prayed about me. but i dont know what to think. i feel like i bother him when i reach out since he never does first. but ive told him this and he says i really dont hes just a bad texter. we are only one year apart. what do you think? i love your channel by the way!


    Hi Lena,

    Thank you and I am glad that the videos on the channel have been helpful to you.

    In not initiating conversations with you, your crush isn’t backing up his words with action. This is often a telltale sign that his sentiment doesn’t go as deep as he would like you to believe.

    He is only attentive towards you when he is back in Massachusetts. Once he returns to college in Tennessee, he really isn’t thinking about you all that much.

    That is why he rarely ever initiates texts.

    Even though it is hard for you to move on because he admitted his feelings to you, you still have to use reason when assessing what you should do.

    He hasn’t backed all this talk about feelings with action. That is really all the evidence that you require to show you that he is not being entirely sincere with you.

    You are probably someone that he really liked before going off to college in Tennessee. Thereby, to some extent, he may still be holding on to that sentiment.

    However, with the distance that moving to college in Tennessee has caused, along with time, those feelings for you have gradually dissipated.

    He is basically holding on to the guy of old who may have thought the moon of you. However, that guy in reality, no longer exists.

    It is best to stop initiating texts with this guy. If he truly has feelings for you that go deep, he has to start backing up his words with action.

    It doesn’t take much effort for a person to initiate a text to someone that they supposedly have feelings for.

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