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    I have a gut feeling that he’s flirting with me and likes me, but won’t do anything . . It got to the point I had to know what he was doing so I asked him nicely and very giggly, if he’s been flirting or just being friendly and he said “Nah I’m not like that”. Then after that he said “can I get your number and text you sometime” with a little humble smile and we exchangedon’t numbers. After that he said “I’ll text you when I get home” I got all shy and giggly and said no then I said I’m kidding, we laughed about it and I said goodbye. I felt so bad and embarrassed, so while I was on my home I text him “I’m sorry for asking you that , I didn’t mean to put you on the spot or anything.” and he text me back saying “Oh no dont worry I’m not like that .. did someone told u to ask for my number??” and I told him no and that I was just misunderstanding his friendliness for flirting then after that he joked about how I told him he couldn’t text me when he got home. also I told him that I had got shy and he made me nervous, also I got embarrassed, so he told me that he doesn’t want to make me feel that way and his words “you’re hella cool” and he added “what if I was flirting with you”. I responded back then I’d flirt right back and I also asked him he’d like to hang out but no response after that. He also has a son that needs extra attention due to personal reasons and he told me about how he likes older women, me and him are 6 years apart we’re both in our 20s. . but I’m not sure if he really likes me, also every morning he says good morning to everyone but he always gives me my own separate good morning by say “good morning you”. He always stops what he’s doing when I talk to him, and he gives me all of his attention, he remembers things I tell him. I tellseven about his past and family, food, he always has a smile on his face. I asked him to go somewhere with me on my lunch even though he wasn’t ready to take his lunch, but he got up instantly and went to clock out. He’s always joking and whenever I ask him for something he doesn’t give it to me instead he says he’ll do it and does it as soon as he can. Then when I say thank you he always “you know I got you”. So what’s going on? He’s skinny and I’m more on the plump side, but I am confident and losing weight, I’m not big big but I’m a size Large big . . I’m just lost and confused, but today I didn’t really give him a lot of attention like usually, but he came into my aisle while I was stocking and walled past me, then he went to his aisle right next to mine and continued his work , I was struggling at one point to get a bag of the merchandise at work that I couldn’t reach, so he reached his hand out and helped me take it off, then he asked me if I had a lot of stuff. . when he has special assignments to do for our manager,he’ll move his stuff near my space and work, then say “sorry am I in your way?” then move stuff a little bit so me and my cart or whatever can fit in. Does he like me or is he just being friendly or playing with my feelings? I haven’t told him I’m interested in him though, I’m always happy and bright at work around all of my employees because we work graveyard shift and they all be slumped and not really bright, so I try my best to bring that light to all of them early in the morning.

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