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    This guy is obviously attracted to me, and I am attracted to this guy too. I see him on a weekly basis but all he does is stare. I locked eyes with him a lot of times and I even smiled to send a signal I am interested. However, I don’t approach and still want the guy to man up and speak to me. Is there anything I can say to this guy in passing that will make him know I am interested but at the same time will give him an idea that I expect him to make the move? To give you a better understanding of the situation, he is a coach to my son’s team and I am a single mom. I’m thinking the situation we are in makes it hard for him to come and speak to me – but is it? Appreciate your help. Have a great Sunday.


    Hi Ocean24,

    Being the coach of your son’s team may be a factor that holds him back from making a move.

    To get over this possible impediment and also send him a sign that you are interested, learn more about your son’s sport.

    Learn more intricate details about it.

    When you see him in passing, say something detailed about the sport. It could be a stat, position, something to do with the sport’s history, etc.

    Saying something like this to him in passing will immediately grab his attention. He is most likely not used to parents having this kind of knowledge about the sport.

    Now that you have his admiration and attention, give him a compliment. It could be on something he is wearing or even on something to do with his skills in the sport.

    Take that opportunity to smile at him and then look him up and down as you do.

    Now you leave.

    Doing this will have the effect of making him feel at ease with the fact that you are the mom to one of his players, being that you have demonstrated some intimate knowledge about the sport.

    In other words, you have distinguished yourself from the other parents who may have no real interest in the sport at all but may show up at games merely to support their child.

    It leaves him wanting more from you.

    Using this approach will also send a message of interest. The way you ended the interaction lets him know that you want him to come after you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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