Could me being a one eyed guy affect my potential to find someone?

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    Hi everyone. I’m a 16 year old young man and I was born completely blind in my right eye due to an unknown cause. The eye never connected to my brain and I have never felt the eye. I have good eyesight in my one eye. I was born with no other conditions mental and or physical. I feel extremely lucky that I wasn’t born with a mental and or a developmental disability of any sort alongside my eye condition. I have lived a normal life and I have never been teased and or bullied.

    I have honestly never felt depressed about my eye. I fully accept and embrace my eye condition. I have never tried to cover the blind eye as I have never been ashamed of it. I have always had a positive perspective on my blind eye and I have always succeded at school which is great.

    I am decent looking. I have very clear nice skin and nice thick golden brown hair. I have a slim yet strong physique. Whilst looks are subjective, a young lady once said to me, “it dosen’t matter that your blind in one eye because your lucky that your really good looking.” She was a friend of mine and I honestly neither believe nor disbelieve that I am attractive as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t see myself as atractive or unattractive just decent looking. I felt complimented that she found me attractive.

    So my question is, could my blind eye be off putting/a turn off to women? I ask that because Im just wondering if it could affect my future dating life.

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