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    I have had my eye on this boy for a really long time (way too long) I have never spoken to him and it’s literally been more than a year. However I know more about him this year. This year I think he got more of an idea that I like him. He follows me on Instagram and liked a couple pics but not any in a row. Let me talk about when I see him in school. Every time I am walking towards him from the opposite end of the hall or the side walk, he holds eye contact with me for a really long time. I actually have to look away first because it feels so long to hold eye contact. Sometimes he is smiling but its only because he is laughing at whatever his friend is saying, and sometimes it is just a blank face. Its a really long suspended stare. When I see him when I walk out of a class or vise versa, he will not look and then quickly side eye me. He is so confusing! I added him on snapchat because my friends had his, so I added him in the beginning of the year, but he never added back, but added my friends. I added him again after that just because I thought my user name was hard to recognize so I put my full name there, but he did not add me back. However, he kept looking in school and months later he liked a quite scandalous pic on my Instagram of me at the beach. My friends took my phone and added him a third time and he shortly added me back. This guy is also not player. His friends are always involved with some girl, but he barely has any action. He seems outgoing, but might be shy when it comes to someone that likes him? I know he has liked one or two girls in the past, but hooked up (kissed) one of them two times which means that either he made a move or she did. Also when he likes someone, he is really active on their social media (likes all their pics). Maybe he is just shy to like mine because he knows I like him? At this point, I am so scared to talk to him because it has been so long. Why won’t he just do something for me that would make his actions more clear? What are his motives behind his actions? What could he be possibly thinking? Do you think he has any interest in me? Its so hard to tell. What should I do?

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