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    Hi. My bf and I met almost a year a go in sept 2016. We became official in nov 2016. However, his mom diagnosed with cancer around the same time and died around feb 2017. I didn’t get a chance to meet his mom. Tho I was being supportive and always let him know that I will be there for him during his tough time.

    He doesn’t have habit of letting me know where he go before go. Now he is trying to at least let me know when he comes back, but rarely telling me beforehand. We never fight because our together times are too scare so value every quality moment. And he is very mature. I m very understanding as long as he can explain things in the way that I can understand.

    After his mom past away, we realized we didn’t spend much time with each other, so we decided to try seeing each at least once per week. Since he is a startup owner and I m a consultant, we are busy, and of course he is significantly more busy than me. We weren’t able to do what we wanted… we only able to manage seeing each other once/twice a month. we text everyday, not much, but enough for us to express how much we miss each other. But there still difference… he show a lot of PDA to me when we are physically together… however when we are only texting not seeing each other, he seems much cooler than in real life.

    He never hide me from his friend… so far I been to his house, I met 3 of his buddies in person and spoke to another 1 on the phone. I met some of his employees too. So I m not a secret gf.

    Now fast forward… we went out last month in July, which was about 4 weeks ago… We had a great day. He was lovely as usual. Then there were 2 weeks o honeymoon period after that, he would text me super sweet. Then he went on a trip to help his friend for a week unexpectedly. He told me after he arrived to the place. Got me all worried for a day or two. Then we only exchanged 1-2 texts each day during that week. Then it was my birthday. I reminded him days before, he promised to craved my birthday date on his heart, and he even asked if I can take off a day from work so we can spend a day together when he is back. Things seem okay. Then he went silent on the day of birthday!!! Didn’t even say happy birthday. So I didn’t text him either. Then the next day, he texted me acting super sweet, like he knows he is in trouble. I ignored him the whole day till that night. I told him I cried the day before. He confirmed because of him. He said he have a urgent customer to deal with… He said sorry and asked to talk in person when is back. I was mad and disappointed, so I didn’t ask any detail like I normally would. I just said I cannot accept his apology till we talk and he have justified himself. He said OK.

    So I guess things would be fine. I went silent for 3 days after that conversation. He didn’t text me either. I have short memory… basically I cool down mostly by day 4 and texted him that I miss him and asked when will he come back. No reply at all. I thought fine. He must be busy. I texted again on day 5 and 6. No reply either. I started to worry. I texted him saying that I m worry about him falling off the surface of the earth and asked him to text me back. I also called and left a voice message on day 6. My call went through as normal, it ringed few times before going to voice mail.

    I didn’t text him today on day 7. He didn’t text me either. He didn’t call me back either. Usually he will text me back many times by now or at least call me. Nothing. so I called him tonight, the night of day 7. Then I realized that his phone only ringed once and then went straight to voice mail. I didn’t leave message. I called few more time between 8:30pm – 11:30pm… still 1 ring then voice mail. I tried calling him either my friend’s phone, it ringed like normal and went to voice mail. He didn’t pick it up. So weird. He uses this phone to talk with customers, all throughout the world, so it’s weird for him not to pick up the call. Anyways, I set my phone to private and called him too.. same thing, it ringed like normal and went to voice mail. He didn’t pick it up either. But very obvious that he blocked my number but not other numbers.

    I am very confused. so I sent him an short email. Just said that I am confused. If that’s the case that we are not together anymore, I would like a quick talk to understand what happened.

    Few hours past so far… I m feeling very lost and not sure what to do. I m confused, based on his last texts that he apologized and asked to talk. But suddenly he blocked me? He know I can be very understanding when I am not mad. And he know that I have bad memory, I never able to continuously mad for too long.

    I am very lost. I look forward to your advise. Thank you very much.

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