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    gry sim

    so, my new boyfriend is acting weird.After a few dates he decided to suddenly ditch me and was really angry because someone had sent him messages on snap about me apparently.but it was resolved cos he suddenly figured out it was this girl who liked him etc. then i caught him pretending to be This girl who had a crush on him, (on Snap) he wrote something and logged out.logged in again to his own snap and voila; this “girl’s message was there.i read it and it had the same incorrect spelling of words and writing style like his etc..i started to question his honesty and he got very annoyed about that and managed to force out a tear and kept telling me it was Not him,it Was her. then his temper blew up again for a weird reason at night time and it all was to get *some*.. i have a gut feeling i was lied to really,despite him saying he loves me etc.and he’s honest. so i want to dump him. he’s telling me today how much he misses me etc.oh bthw this *girl’s snap is gone today and my gut feeling is telling me: Leave him… Should i confront him or just block him?

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