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    There’s this guy I like for 11 months now. And the reason is because he always stares at me. Not a creepy stare, not a perverted stare, it’s like his stare is like him speaking to me. And that was what I liked about him. His eyes, his intimidating eyes. He lives just a couple blocks away from me, we go to the same jeepney stop (In the Philippines we don’t use buses for in town public transportation we use jeepneys) . Sometimes in the line I’d see him. One time I saw him in the line, I was there infront of the line and I decided to leave, that’s when I saw him. That’s when I walked and he saw me, I can see his head tilting as we both had maintain eye contact, I can see him at the corner of my eye. And that head tilting, that god damn head tilting happens a lot. Then after I saw him do that I told myself “You know what? Lets just go back in the line” So then I crossed the street and went back to the line. Then he heard my voice. And it started again. He visibly without any doubt tilted his head to look at me because I was in the back of the line, a few people giving us space. I stared back, and he still maintained eye contact. And it happened again and again and again and it’s been happening for months. I’m so confused. What is he trying to tell me?? I just want to straight up talk to him. I don’t know how.. What does he wants from me??

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